I primarily work with the media sculpture and installation. Why I use these media? Because of the physical presence of the material, it’s tactility and the possibility to combine different materials and objects, each with there own context and connotation. In this multiplicity of material with their corresponding context referrals arise of a veiled narrative. I try to grasp the emotional value through a process that moves from intuition to interpretation to meaning,giving form to the narrative. A personal theory is created, full of naive desires, poetic solutions and serious fun.

The works I make are assemblages consisting of a variety of materials, combined to make tactile installations, according to a strong idiosyncratic logic. By drawing this logic becomes clearer, connections appear and new work emerges. While working, my thoughts move between image and text. Therefore, language plays an important role in reflecting on the subconscious creative process. In my atelier I work on several different pieces at the same time, during which component parts may move from one piece to another to find their place within a process of controlled coincidence. The result is a collection of works bearing the traces of an underlying dialogue, sometimes evoking an architectural, playful, archetypal, naïve or metaphysical gesture.